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All proceeds from the auctions will be directly donated to the the Australian Cancer Council - so please be generous with your bids!

Auction proceedings:
  • The auction will be conducted as an 'English' open ascending basis, with a 1 hour dynamic closing mechanism.
  • Timing of the auctions is forum timestamp time (generally Australian Eastern Standard Time, UTC +10). Please ensure that your timezone is set correctly in your forum settings.
  • The auctions are going live for bidding on Sunday 17th October 2021 by 12.00pm AEDT.
  • The auctions will close Saturday, 23rd October 2021 at 12.00pm AEDT - unless a bid has been made within the last hour of the auction, in which case the auction time will be extended for at least another hour from the previously logged bid ('Dynamic Closing').
  • Bidding will continue until at least 1 full hour has passed after the last valid bid. Additional bids will reset the Dynamic Closing time of the auction for a further hour on each bid.
  • The auction is deemed to be complete when no further bids are logged prior to the additional hour elapses.
  • Any additional auction time extension is based on the P&C forum timestamp logged on the previous valid bid post. We are doing this in order to prevent last minute "sniping" - this will ensure we will raise the largest possible amount of donations.
  • You can bid by just posting your bid in the auction thread - this is not an incremental auction like eBay where your maximum bid is hidden and the highest bid only increases by a certain amount over the previous highest bid. The amount you bid will be the current highest bid - again in order to raise the largest possible amount of donations. Of course somebody else can bid higher still and you can come back and bid again, but please go with strong bids - after all this is a charity fund raiser.
  • Please do not post comments in the auction threads. Any comments on the auction can be posted in this thread. Moderators will monitor this closely.
  • Once the auction has finished, we will contact you confirming you have won the auction and the final amount.
  • We will not handle the donations in any form - after we have confirmed you won the auction, please go to the Cancer Council donation site and donate the amount of your highest bid (or of course more if you feel more generous). Please make a separate donation for every auction you have won to make logistics for us easier.
  • Once you have made the donation please send the receipt(s) via pdf files to us - we will then put you in touch with the prize donor(s) for you to receive your prize(s)
Please read the following terms and conditions, these are necessary due to the legislation surrounding auctions and charities in Australia, and to ensure everyone understands the rules and enjoys the auctions.

Terms and conditions:
  1. Participation in this Auction requires agreement with these terms. By placing a bid in the auction, participants agree to be bound by these terms herein.
  2. Foreign Persons (resident outside Australia) participating in this auction ('Foreign Participants') agree to be further bound by the 'International Bidders' clauses.
  3. For the purposes of this agreement the term ‘Auction’ is to be understood as being defined as a Private Sale between the owners of the products being offered, and the people who offer successive dollar amounts for the goods being offered.
  4. It is further agreed that the person who offers the highest dollar amount for an article offered through this private sale is to be the purchaser of the goods or thing. It is mutually agreed by all participants that the proceeds from any sale are to be paid as directed by the owner of the goods.
  5. It is also agreed that the owners of the goods being offered for sale are directing the buyers to make a voluntary and individual donation to the ‘Cancer Council of Australia’ as a condition of purchase and that this is an essential condition of participation. The value of the donation made to the 'Cancer Council of Australia' is to be the agreed price (or greater) for the goods purchased.
  6. An anonymised screenshot will be posted evidencing a donation made to the nominated charity.
  7. The P&C Forum, the Vendors offering their products, the administrators of the auction, the bidders and the successful buyers have no formal or informal association or intend to imply any association or approval from the Cancer Council of Australia for this auction. This is to be clearly understood by all members participating.
  8. As with any sale in online forums or groups, no warranty, liability or guarantee is made or implied by the Paste & Cut Forum owner, moderators or organising forum members of the Auction as to the quality or suitability of the goods and the normal rules and accepted conduct of the trading forums will apply in addition to the participation rules.
  9. We are raising money as individuals participating in an online community (Paste & Cut) who are coming together to help support a charity in the memory of our friend Tim Keech and other former members. Tim's family have indicated their preference for this charity and no further inference is to be, or can be implied or inferred.
Any donations where you receive no material benefit or advantage (i.e. additional donations beyond auction price) of an amount over $2.00 made to the Cancer Council of Australia is tax deductible for taxpayers within Australia.

International bidders
  1. Some items may not be made available to Foreign Participants, or there might be additional shipping costs for Foreign Participants. Please read the individual auction descriptions carefully for details before bidding. Bids that are non-compliant with the Terms and individual item descriptions will be deemed invalid.
  2. Foreign Participants in this Auction agree that they do so with a full knowledge of their respective countries laws and regulations in relation to importing the items offered in this auction via airmail postal service.
  3. Foreign Participants in this auction are strongly advised to check the importation regulations, taxation laws and import duty/tariff regulations in the country of residence prior to participating in this auction.
  4. It is to be clearly understood that many of the items offered in this auction may attract tax, import duty or be prohibited imports and it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to pay all tax/tariffs, import duty and fines/penalties associated with importing any of the goods offered. International participants agree unconditionally to ensure that they perform exhaustive compliance in relation to any goods they purchase.
  5. Foreign Participants in the auction accept all responsibility without limitation for the goods they purchase. They agree as an essential condition of participation to indemnify the P&C Forum, the owners of the goods, and any other person for any loss without limitation associated with purchasing or participating in this auction.
  6. Purchasers who are tax resident in foreign jurisdictions (outside of Australia) agree that no warranty, either express or implied, has been given in relation to any financial advice regarding tax deductibility status of purchases made through this auction, or direct donations made to the Cancer Council of Australia under the taxation legislation or regulations of that jurisdiction.
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