Advice sought on first sharpening stone.

Jan 8, 2017

I started my straight razor shaving Journey in early feb with a Gold Dollar that I brought shave ready. From what I understand it was sharpened on a Jnat and was execptionally sharp. Now from use or abuse it is exceptionally dull and very pinchy or tuggy to shave with. I am glad that I have now learnt the difference between super sharp and super dull and know what to look for in the future.

I would now like to learn to hone my straight so that I can be self sufficient. I would like to purchase a single quality stone that I could use to maintain a sharp edge. I am quite pragmatic so I am not looking for something fancy just something that will get the job done.

Can you reccomend a stone like this and where to buy it??
Dec 26, 2015
There are many people on here far better informed on this subject than I am, but for what it's worth...

I have used a Naniwa 12k Super Stone which I'm very happy with. It can be used as a finisher or as a refreshing stone. Bear in mind that, if your blade is as dull as you say, it may need time on an 8k or even a 5k to get a decent edge back. But normal practise would be using the 12k (10-15 laps) every month or so to maintain the edge.

CrOx on balsa could also be a good (and much cheaper) option, but again, only to refresh a just tugging razor, not a dulled edge.


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Feb 1, 2016
How much $$$ have you got???

Cheapest option is to get a quality synthetic. Since you want only one, I would recommend a Shapton pro 8k and then if the edge isn't refined enough go to pasted balsa. 12k is the place to finish but I think it might be too fine for where you are at. A finisher will do low end work too, just takes longer, possibly too long. I don't like pasts, or even any strops beyond leather (roo) but that's just me.

Personally I bought a JNat & two nagura's from a known vendor which does me for everything bar bevel setting.

Let's call in @Mark and see if we can't get a response. In the mean time, have a poke around in the forums here as I'm pretty sure this has been answered before.
Jun 18, 2016
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Purely for maintaining a str8 a 12k synthetic like the Naniwa SS would be your best option with the easiest repeatable results.
Next option would be a natural finisher Coticle or Jnat from a reliable source, to help guarantee its usuabilty without forking out a fortune to find it not suited to straights or your style, these can also get you a bit more heavier work done using slurry working back to a clean water as a finisher

Repair work on the other hand opens up the full suit of hone options from a 1000 grit bevel setter up to finisher