APR April

Rabid Badger

2018 Charity Auction Winner
Feb 23, 2018
Whilst I am not partaking in Arko Feb, nor can I comment on this soap, from what I have read it might shave well but has some olfactory challenges.

So as a welcome change, how about Australian Private Reserve April? I know for one that I would like to work on my supplies, just so that I can restock with some of the upcoming releases. Not really a challenge, more of a pleasure.
Jan 16, 2018
United States
If I were to try the APR April, which of their scents would be closest to a bay rum or sandalwood?
For Bay Rum, I'd check out Bay City (it's been discontinued) but it might be hard to find. For Sandalwood, APR has a Les Santals set but it was a 1 run deal and was quite expensive and probably going to be hard to get your hands on. APR Fresca has some sandalwood in it, if you can find it.