Arko, any love?


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May 10, 2017
I actually love the arko scent.
Corporate HQ in Fyshwick (a suburb in Canberra for the lesser aussies) is less than thrilling.
I don’t actually know what happens here- nothing by the looks.


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Nov 30, 2017
If we all went to the gents and stood there smelling yellow cakes that had notes of bergamot, leather, tonka , cardamon and tobacco would we repell from artisan soaps because they reminded us of a toilet? 😁
There’s a business opportunity for you @todras if ever I saw one! Men will always need to sython the python!


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Oct 10, 2013
Wonder how folks would react if urinal cakes smelled like various forms of alcohol.


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Jun 1, 2017

So the Arko got a run. It actually shaved really well. It gave a noticeably closer shave. The scent reminds me of laundry soap, not a scent I'd go looking for in a shaving soap. As others had noted Arko leaves the face feeling dry, which was rectified with the application of some Calendula Balm. The main reason it will won't get a lot of love is it hasn't got a lot of love to give. It's a commercial product that just doesn't have the same attention to detail as the artisan soaps we use for good reason. Plus the ingredients list isn't appealing to those of us that appreciate the premium ingredients included in artisan soaps that make a noticeable improvement to skin condition.
'Would I use it again?' is a question like 'would I use a 'cart' again?' Maybe, but not likely (anytime soon anyway).
Thanks, of course, goes to @bald as , for encouraging enlightenment (now I know I'm not a fan of Arko, not just simply suspect) and to @Bucephalus for providing the sample.:)