ARKO! [for most of] February - only the courageous need apply


Sep 3, 2018
Just a good tip for those using their ARKO. I've found the old spice deo stick is the best for grating up the Arko stick and smushing it in to use. And best of all its Arko red too! Leave the top off if you want the smell to die down or cover with lid if you like it like I do 😊.

ARKO tto stick

Not sure why Flickr wont let me direct post but the link goes direct to the picture.
Sep 9, 2018
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Doppelgänger Black will be my lather tomorrow.

My original motivation for signing up to this challenge was to try and finish off my sole Arko stick - on that score I failed - there's still over 80% of it left.

It was a struggle to get through to the end, but funnily enough I haven't gone off Arko. It'll still have a place in my rotation; too decent a performer to just discard completely. Will be very very rare uses though, probably on days I need a quick one pass shave.

More than anything else I've realised how big a role variety plays in this hobby. Using the same thing everyday was just a drag, even if the results were perfectly acceptable.

And no the scent didn't grow on me. Also agree with @SpeedyPC , the lack of moisturising was an issue.