ARKO! [for most of] February - only the courageous need apply


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Apr 26, 2011
Still using ARKO! today for me - have a little catching up to do.

The ARKO! stick is still going strong - will last another month at least.

I actually found the lack of choice somewhat relaxing, at times, and it game me an excuse to wander through my non-set aftershaves and cologne.

The month reminded me that there is a lot of good product out there - in addition to the great product. We really are spoilt.

Over the month I found it easier to know how much soap to apply from the stick and how to get the best lather - maybe a lesson for other products? Stick with them for a while?

I'm glad it is over, but glad I participated. Thanks to all those who encouraged or participated and to @alfredus who put forward the original challenge. Can tick that box now and am looking forward to seeing ARKO! in your SOTD pics now :)