Artisan or good old faves?

Jan 22, 2019
Are you an artisan chaser or do you prefer the good old standards like Tabac, Harris and MWF? I started with the classics, spent a small fortune down the Artisan rabbit hole chasing fancy labels and scents but I've turned around and am these days happier with the performance of my classics like Tabac and the old Palmolive stick. Yep it isn't glamorous on the shelf but the slickness, glide, cushion and aftershave skin feel is second to none in my opinion. Which do you prefer?


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Aug 23, 2012
I'm a big fan of the classic milled soaps.

I have a bunch from both categories but I don't notice a performance difference between artisan and non-artisan soaps.

I enjoy them for their scents more than anything else, as all 120 of my soaps give me the lather consistency I want using the same technique...load for 20 seconds and then add water as needed.

The adding of water is the variable I have found that needs to be dialled in to get a soap to perform the way I like.


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Nov 14, 2014
I guess I like true and tested artisans...with old classics there is often an ingredients list, that makes me...well lets say uncomfortable. And let's be honest: with our knowledge about the human skin and the ease of availability of certain ingredients, 50 year old soap recipes definitely can be improved.

But equally I don't chase every new soap maker out of Tanzania if you know what I mean.

If something gets rave reviews by people I trust or comes from an artisan I have previously enjoyed, I'll put it on my mental "should try" list and if I have the chance, I will.

But these days there is rarely a new product, that gives me sleepless where is my damn WHR 2 :D :D :D
Aug 26, 2018
I am into the artisans, although i do have a tub of tabac original that i love using, never disappoints. I do not feel a lot of difference between the artisans and tabac when shaving but its the post shave feel that the good artisan soaps differ in.

Also, although the smell of the soap makes no difference with the shave itself, i feel it adds to the experience. Sort of like a nice looking plate of food 'adds' to the joy of eating