Damn you forum and your freebie blades!

Sep 3, 2018
I'm restricted to no blade purchases for 2019 as my 5yr old who has 753 barbie dolls pointed out I have too many already. A measly 1000 in stock.

Then some bloody do gooder here @ShaveOn ruins it all by throwing in a pack of polsilver with a razor purchase!

Now I'm torn do I break my oath in the start of march lol Longest two months ever!

That was the most efficient YET comfortable shave I've had yet in de land. The first pass alone was a DFS. Used in my qshave adjustable on only setting 5 with two days growth mind you. Mowed it down and glided along i had to check it was even cutting.

Now I know why they are so highly thought of. Will keep on this blade to see how long it carries on before dull land.

Add to cart sooo tempting.

Trade feathers for your polsilvers :LOL::)