Decided I needed a new Strop

May 15, 2016
So I decided it was time to upgrade my first and sacrificial strop for something a bit more substantial and a strop that means business. As a general rule I prefer to make something rather than buy it, a lot of the time it ends up costing me more than I could have bought it for but whatever.

i stopped by the local tannery in the next suburb over to sample their wares. i ended up walking out of there only having spent $44.90 this included a nice piece of Bridal leather larger enough to make 2 strops (didn't realise at the time), half a dozen pieces of Roo leather, 2 D rings and a bag of Chicago screws, I thought this was pretty fair (even though i read on some places they spent like $5 and walked out with a side of a cow)

Anyway this is what i ended up with and i still have enough of the Bridal to make another hanging strop and still 5 bits of roo.



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Nov 14, 2014
Looks great - I wish I had the skills to make stuff :cry:

On the paddle strop - how did you stretch it? I would have thought, that you would have to go around the edges, so you can pull it really tight - but again, I have the skills to make dinner and that's about it


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Apr 29, 2014
They look terrific. Well done.