DIY Aftershave (Teatree+Witch Hazel+Aspirin)

Sep 29, 2017
Hi wonderful people. I want to share with you a simple and cheap DIY aftershave which I have used on/off over the past 2 years with great results.

Background: I started shaving my head years ago and was getting nasty bumps and irritation, even with a WTG pass. I tried traditional witch hazel and alcohol aftershaves however the bumps and irritation continued. I googled a DIY tendskin ( ) recipe and tried it however upon application, I was still getting irritation and a really sore head with added alcohol. Frustrated, I tried a simpler recipe. Below are the 2 products I have utilised:



1. Pour the teatree+witch hazel out into a mixer
2. Put about 30 aspirin tablets in the mixer
3. Blend well - there will be some residue left over.
4. Pour back into the bottle
5. Shake prior to using - I put about 2-3 drops and find it optimal. Upon application to a damp head and face, there is no burning and dries very quickly.
6. Apply balm, sunscreen, moisturiser of choice.

It has completely cleared head bumps for me. I have been enjoying BBS head shaves for years now with improved technique, quality hydrated lather and a simple post-shave routine.