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May 10, 2017
Thanks ferret

Sounds like you have a good balance, that's what is its all about with everything in life not just $$ lets not forget the guitars lol

yeah not quite right, being frugal = tight arse

minimalism to me is where people go an live off grid and stuff.. although i could never do it myself, i truly believe going off grid and living like our ancestors lived by growing/culling your own food/shelter/clothing will reconnect us back to what made us human in the first place. Away from all the distractions of modern life, it would allow our brains to think as they once used to and form closer bonds with our families and other humans
I like the idea of shrinking my world and focusing on issues around me-
To worry and take on the world woes leaves you pretty beat down


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Aug 23, 2012
You are quite right-
It’s very much a personal journey and I’m very sorry to hear about the passing of your wife.
My wife and I arnt really materialistic, that said we both do have a mobile (iPhone 4/5 respectively) a car each (under 3k each) and the usual comforts like a TV, a computer for work and so on.
I think there is quite often an interesting comparison where being frugal gets called minimalism.
Frugal is not minimalism and minimalism is not utilitarian.

I classify myself as utilitarian. I still buy what I need but I don't chase after the newest and latest everything.

House, furnishings, vehicle, clothes, air conditioning, a couple of TVs, laptops, mobiles, stereo etc are all a part of my life because I consider them basic necessities.

After this set-up, I'm content and don't feel the need to chase the latest/newest of everything. I buy clothes/shoes as when needed, my mobile is about to turn two years old and still going strong, as is my laptop (Lenovo Carbon X1; 8GB RAM, i7 processor). I generally find laptops run nicely for about 8 years at which point they are too slow and irritating to keep using, so I've a long way to go until I'll need a new one.

We eat out at simple restaurants once or twice a month (nothing fancy) and watch a movie at the cinemas once a month.