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Feb 23, 2018
Dear Paste and Cutters,

I want to share with you some recent dealings with Andrew from Hone Shaving.

I recently received a type 15 razor from Andrew, but unfortunately there were some aesthetic issues with the finish of the razor, but nothing wrong with the construction. I emailed Andrew to voice my concern and within 24 hours he had sent an email to me stating how sorry he was for my experience. Not only this, but the next day he personally rang me (from the Netherlands) to ask if I had had a chance to consider the options that he had laid out in his email.

In all my years of being a consumer, I have never experienced such fantastic customer service. So, if anyone is even considering getting a Hone razor, I can certainly say that you will be dealing with a company who (in my experience) genuinely care about the consumer and stand by their products. If only all companies were run this way.....


...can I interest you in some vintage blades?
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Feb 2, 2011
If you have ever worked with Ti, then you will know why it is expensive (it eats tooling and diamond wheels with a hunger unlike any other).

Glad the service was good after the fact. To be honest, I find that most people in the shave community are excellent to deal with and this is more the normal experience. It is only the odd outliers which are problematic but these get picked up pretty quickly and everyone avoids them.