Hot or cold water.

Aug 26, 2018
I still have a hot shower beforehand and only when i then start to add the lather to my face do i splash some cold water around. Cold shower? No Sir Ree Bob!
mate.. as much as it sucks getting in there is something about a cold shower in summer i do love. Once your body gets over the initial shock and gets used to the water is great
Sep 9, 2018
DAY 3 - experiment over for me, for now anyway. taking into account the comments regarding water out of the tap i might give this one more go in winter just to see.

Today's shave with room temp tap water, was not comfortable again. this was also with a new blade, a persona platinum. There are no post shave issues at all this time unlike yday, but the actual shave itself feels like i am tugging at the hairs instead of slicing through like a knife in warm butter. I guess my hairs are quite coarse and need to be softened.

I have not enjoyed the shaves without my usual prep, a warm shower. YMMV i guess.
This sounds identical to my experience. The end results were reasonable, but the actual act of slicing through the beard felt awkward