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...when the General talks
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Apr 26, 2011
Arrived today. Late today, but today.

No pictures. This one will have a very unorthadox unpacking. Hopefully I can share more next week.
No update on my tracking either, despite being Express Post Platinum, since the first We've got it scan.

Interestingly the web version has that at 4:30pm yesterday, the mobile version at 5:00pm - go figure!


...can I interest you in some vintage blades?
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Feb 2, 2011
Haha I just watched that
Jody is a great guy and exactly like the videos when in person. Straight-up solid bloke. Now if we can only get him shaving and coming along to meets....


Very nice

I think he will have another vid out in a week or so you will be very interested in..... Tudor. Probably the most-expensive watch he has had on the channel thus far, he was wearing it last week when he dropped in at work to pick it up.


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Jan 25, 2012
@Monsta_AU its nice. But I would go for the blue and red gmt. Looks like a cross between a Pepsi and a coke. And to be honest I am not sure of the 2 tone.

It’s only my taste thou. To each their own
I agree, with the black bezel it is 3 tone, and a bit too much. Other than that I like it.
That said, I still miss my black pvd / gold Heuer chrono that I lost so many years ago.

Well looking for it on ebay just made me cry
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