New addition!

lerenau a cheeky monkey
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Mar 25, 2017
Sorry I have been out of contact for the last few weeks. We have been in-and-out of hospital and haven't had a moment free.

However, I can now announce that at 1:30pm on Wednesday 27th of March 2019 a little man came into our lives.
Baby is doing wonderfully. He loves cuddling, sleeping, feeding and pooping. Which, for a baby, makes him just about perfect.
Mum is recovering after suffering complications. She is making progress and is expected to be discharged on the weekend.
Big sister is cautiously excited but says she isn't interested in changing nappies.

Weight: 3.61kg
Height: 50cm

Love from our family to yours.


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Feb 27, 2017
Congratulations! Hopefully mum is well and truly on the mend. He looks like a keeper :)
Lol a keeper, well it ain't going back is it. Very funny sir.
What, doesn't want to do the black tar poops that come in the first few days? lol

Congrats mate to you and the family. Wishing your wife a speedy recovery as well.
Yeah you made me have flashbacks. Oh and that smell :LOL: hard days ahead.
Congratulations mate - another addition to the P&C Canberra Meet Ups!

Wishing the family all the best.
Took my lovely daughter to two meetups and the guys were awesome. Help me carry the sleeping child upstairs in the pram and laugh along with her cries. It is great to have real blokes around.