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Apr 29, 2014
I just received some aftershaves from Billy on the Sunshine Coast. He launched "Golbourn & Sons Aftershaves and Colognes" just recently. He's only available via Facebook and hopes to put an Etsy store up shortly. He recently joined here as well (@Golbourn&sons). I bought from him directly. I met Billy on an Aussie Facebook group and he's a top bloke. (He recently gave Christmas shaves with a shavette to blokes off the streets!)

Currently he has 4 aftershave fragrances available: Neroli Chamuscado, Sandalo Bergamotto, Lagan Valley and Exousia.
He plans to bring out some Eau de Colognes or Eau de Toilettes in time.

The prices are: $35 for 150mL and $15 for 50mL (postage on top)

The aftershave ingredient list is as follows:
Propylene glycol
Hydrogenated castor oil
Fragrance (fragrance/ essential oil)

Billy's Description of the Scents
Neroli Chamuscado
A blend of neroli and amber.
Top notes are light which consist of bergamot, neroli, and lime. The middle notes of jasmine and orange blossom are perfectly paired alongside base notes of amber and cedar.
It doesnt smell how you would think, its citrus, but musky and scorched.

Sandalo Bergamotto
A light and zesty sandalwood. When you first put it on it has a real crispness to it with the bergamot, which then dries down through orange blossom to a smooth sandalwood and patchouli base.

Lagan Valley
A modern and fresh fougere with an added dynamic. Built around a timeless classic , Brut, this scent incorporates added celtic florals and a more distinctive base of vetiver and cedar

A scent that screams masculinity without being overbearing. This scent is a velvety blend of oak, cedar, mandarin, musk and amber.

My Initial Impressions
Here's my initial impressions on scent and performance. I bought bottles of Exousia and Neroli Chamuscado, but received samples of the other two. The Exousia is a clean and light scent. It reminds me of TOBS St Jermyn in some ways (which could be the citrus). Being a light scent, it didn't last more than a couple of hours on my skin. But that enables me to wear a fragrance on top. I've only smelt the Neroli Chamuscado from the bottle - it reminds me of Terre D'Hermès in some ways.

The bottles are solid glass and have a good sized reducer. The labels don't appear to be water-proof and have that hand-written touch that reminds you of it's humble origins.

As mentioned in my SOTD, I didn't have any sting (surprisingly!) from the alcohol. It felt good on my skin and no dryness afterwards. I got a good couple of hours of scent on my skin (but I'll wear it some more before finalising on this account).

I'll give it the thumbs up so far. It's great to have another Aussie wet shaver working on bringing alcoholic aftershaves to the market. It's also good that it's not Bay Rum (as much as I love a good BR!).

I know @stillshunter has tried some as well, and has recently passed samples along to @SydBJW
Stillsy is currently tee-totalling with his aftershaves, but he might pass on some thoughts on the scents. :p