October 2018 SHAVING Acquisitions Thread

Jun 1, 2017

Dorko 6/8" Near Wedge No: 43
I've deliberately been avoiding Dorko's for a long while as they are generally too expensive to get into something decent. There's still some beautiful ornate NOS Dorko's out there but they bring thousands of dollars. This one looked in good nick and was in my price range so thought was worth the punt. It's showing some wear and tear on the scales and some hone wear but generally in good condition. The etching is nice when the light hits it right. Looking forward to honing it up and putting it to work.
This one came from Japan and the Japanese always know how to package stuff. The razor was in paper in a bubble wrap sleeve inside it's own plastic case (in image), which was inside an envelope inside a padded bag.(y)
Jul 1, 2017


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Jan 19, 2016
The Land of OZ (Australia)
Mail called:- 3 package arrived today

1. From the Stray Whisker, WOW!! that was a quick delivery.

2. Zenith B27 boar 28/55mm

3. 250 MOAR!! vintage Gillette Super Stainless (spoiler), I’ve got a grand total of 1060 spoiler blades in my den and I blame @Mark1966 for getting me completely hooked on the spoilers