Paste & Cut Travelling Box No. 5

Feb 24, 2018
Been a bit hectic this week. Was down in Sydney Wed/Thu so took a couple days off shaving.

First soap to try was the Mystic Waters Sardinian Honey. I also grabbed a Dorco Plat Prime for the Karve C. My nose has been blocked to hell all week, so scents are a bit lost. From what I could get it was pleasant enough to use most months in Qld. Lather I think I went to heavy with the water both times, and got a low density lather. Still performed well, just wasn't lost for words. I have another MW that I want to try in the box so will spend way more time building next round. Dorco last time I used was a bit rough first shave, but settled into a really nice blade from then to about 6-7 shaves. This time, no issues first shave in the Karve. Felt really nice.

Today was first go of the T&S. Honestly, going by the smell I was expecting a skin reaction to both soap and a/s. Very impressed with this soap. I haven't shaved in a couple of days, so had a bit of growth for the first pass. BBS result after 3 effortless passes. Glide was excellent both during and residual. Great density to the lather that lasted ages. Scent I have no idea about, the nose today is totally gone. Wife said it's ok, which is good as she's a little picky. Aftershave felt nice on the skin, though it wasn't a rough shave so didn't need to do much. Would be interested to put it to the challenge after a rough shave. I would buy some of this soap if I found a scent I liked.

Did you end up trying the Sardinian Honey again and get a better lather?
I got some from the sample box and have struggled to get a nice lather from it.