Rabid Badger (and friends) finished products sticky


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Feb 27, 2017

Could of visited this thread six times this year as the odds & ends get depleted.
But this is my first wet shaving soap I ever ordered and at first hated it as I had no idea now to lather.
Four and a more years later that is behind me and finally finished such a great and wonderful soap.
Scent and performance are high without any irritation considering its age and oh a PAA soap :eek:

This isn't the CK6 formula and probably a v4. I've used CK5 since and that is awesome. For the PAA haters you should take another look at their soaps and scents.


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Dec 11, 2019
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... Just seen that video. Wow, and I thought I loaded heavily. I reckon I could probably shave a yak with the amount of soap that guy uses, and still have enough left over for my face and head :LOL:
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