Seiko SKX007

Sep 17, 2017
The rubber is horrible, but awesome if you want to get in the water with it.

How's the alignment?
Who in their right mind would go in the water with a dive watch!?
They're just for fashion, aren't they?;)

On a serious note, the chapter ring is slightly misaligned which is slightly annoying.

But I purchased this particular model because of the plethora of options when it comes to modding and so I was planning on taking it apart at some stage anyways so it's not too big of a deal.


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Feb 2, 2011
The alignment is a real issue with these, I have seen pictures of some that should never gotten past QC. That said, it is a watch to mod or at least not worry about and try to 'baby'. It is a tool.

Mark @ LongIslandWatch has a video on his channel on how to align the chapter ring. He is also selling them pre-modded with a sapphire crystal in them instead of Hardlex. I believe he also re-aligns any chapter rings which are out of alignment.

Honestly a 7S26 movement does not excite me at all, lack of handwinding is a killer for me. Once you end up with a proper Swiss, higher level Seiko (4R or 6R) or even a nice Microbrand with a awesomely accurate NH35 or 9015 then the low-end Seikos start losing their attraction. At least they did for me.


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May 10, 2017
That would be a J ...

Not a fan of the Pepsi's myself - but well done!
I’m getting a K.
TBH I think the difference is negligible really between the j and k.
The Pepsi I can take or leave, prefer the black myself but at 30% cheaper well I’m keen


Dec 29, 2017

Seiko Automatic Watches

Seiko Automatic Diver's 200m Made in Japan SKX009 SKX009J1 SKX009J Men's Watch

Seiko watches always look and feel a piece of precision and sturdy engineering and nothing perhaps – other than the Grand Seiko – demonstrates that better than the SKX009K. It’s an excellent 7S26, 21-jewel automatic movement that drives it and the big, unidirectional bezel makes the watch a terrific deal! The very bright, long-lasting lume is an added advantage (eight to ten hours glow); it makes this Seiko truly a Diver’s watch and not just an image-bearer.


Type Divers
Movement Automatic
Calibre 7S26
Crystal Hardlex
Dial Dark Blue
Bezel Red and blue unidirectional bezel
Case Stainless steel
Water resistance 200meters
Bracelet width 22mm
Bracelet/Strap Rubber
Made in Japan

Case diameter: 42mm
Case thickness: 13mm
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