Simpson Chubby 2

Aug 15, 2018
After a long hiatus from Simpson, I am ready to add a few back into the fold. I have focused my search primarily on the Chubby series. After several years of Shavemac and M&F, I have grown accustomed to knots set lower than the typical 1:2 diameter/loft ratio. I noted on the Simpsons website that the loft on the CH3 is a bit higher proportionallly than the CH2. I contacted a member of another forum who is something of a Simpson fanatic (who has mentioned the loft issue in various threads in the forum) and was duly told that recent CH3 examples were floppy due to the highish loft. This is no good for me.

So I’m left considering the CH2, which has a loft more in line with what I’m used to. I have my eye on the Ivory and Butterscotch Silvertip models. My question centers on the handle. Is the grip comfortable. I don’t have sumo-style hands, but they ain’t petite either. On the verge of pulling the trigger. Any input would be helpful.


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Nov 14, 2014
That's my big issue with Chubby handles - they are really uncomfortable for my hands. With my Chubby 2 I used to get sometimes cramps in my fingers when lathering :(


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Aug 23, 2012
I had the chubby 1 and never liked the handle on it.

The knot is something that met your criteria though...low loft and high density. I sold it for this reason as I prefer a nice splay.
May 22, 2016
I had a Chubby 2 in super badger. Beautifully made brush, and the knot was very dense. As Nav notes above, I also found it a little too dense for my tastes.
I never had an issue comfort-wise the the handle. The only minor grip was that, due to the short handle, the lather would sometimes work its way onto the handle and my fingers.


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Oct 10, 2013
Could probably order a custom set knot.
The handle is why I don't own/aspire for one, it's not tall enough.