Stirling Soaps

Dec 11, 2019
Review of Stirling Iced Pineapple.

This is a new soap for me to try as I have never used the scent before.

Let me say this is now my all time favourite mentholated soap from Stirling, and top 3 out of all time menthlolayted soaps and creams I have tried. Why ?
Simple. The menthol hit is quite strong. It is not eye watering like some menthol soaps and creams, and is consistant from shave to shave. The menthol feeling starts as I am half way through lathering the first pass, and is quite strong from half way through the first pass until about 15-20mins post shave. To me this is perfect way menthol should feel in a shave. Strong, without being overbearing, consistant from shave to shave, and consistant through the shave from the 1st lather ,to passes 1-3, and post shave.

The scent strength is strong but not overbearing. It consistant from start to the end of the shave. This I would classify as a 8/10 for scent strength.

Does it smell like Pineapple. It sure does. The smell is of sweet tropical pineapple.

The shave, as per standard Stirling tallow based formula is excellent. Easy to lather, I have bowl and face lathered on four seperate shaves. 1st two shaves was DE razor face lather, and 3rd and 4th was a straight razor with abowl lathers. The bowl lather produced super volumes of glossy yogurt like clouds. 20-30 sec loading from a damp synthetic brush was able to produce enough lather for more than a three pass and touch up shave. Performed exactly same as my previous Black Cherry soap review.

Very slick and very cushiony. I found the bowl lather of this soap excetional on the cushion factor. Very easy soap to lather. 10/10

Post Shave feels great as always with Stirling soaps. Due to the menthol and the perfect consistancy in the way it performed throughout the shave, this one gets a 9.5/10.

I would have given it a 10 but, some people don't like menthol, and there are soaps I have that I would give a 9.5 on post shave that don't have menthol.

My pairing of aftershave scent to match this soap was Creed Aventus. You could use almost any citrus noted aftershave/cologne to blend in with the sweetness of the scent. I used Creed Aventus only because I know it has a good pineapple top note in the scent. Yes is matched well and really brought out the pineapple scent of the soap.

I normally test out new soaps for myself by first face lathering and using a DE razor. If I am happy with that shave, my next shave will be with a straight razor. I never use pre shave preparations. If the soap I am using cannot produce a good shave on it's own merits, then it's not up to the task.

Overall this a great soap, and one I had total confidence in using a straight razer. For those into fruit based scents, this one is strong in a good way. This soap is why, and contunues the reason Stirling soaps stay in my top 3 all time soaps and creams. If your into mentholated soaps and creams , then yes this is a good one.

Next soap review from Stirling, I will let you ask for which soap you want like me to review.
May 26, 2018
Are you able to get any in? No international shipping from Stirling direct sadly
This soap is not available in wholesale quantities. It is a small batch only available from Stirling direct. Stirling do ship to Australia, except for products containing ethanol such as aftershaves and edt's. However, shipping is expensive.
Jun 13, 2020
Stirling Bergamot Lavender arrived in the post on Monday.

Sniffing the dry puck (don't we all do that?), all I could smell was lavender, which worried me for a short while. I gave the soap my usual bloom treatment for the first shave (I never bloom soap more than once), and it really opened up with a lovely balance of citrusy bergamot in equal partnership with the lavender. A real pick-me-up for these cold winter mornings.

I had forgotten how much lather Stirling soaps make: my previous encounter was with their Rose - now apparently discontinued. I seriously hope they reconsider that, and yes I do know rose EO is expensive, but it's worth it.

Anyway, my first shave with the bergamot lavender I overloaded the brush, so by the time I had added enough of our pure mountain rainwater to get it into balance, I had enough lather to shave myself, the two dogs, the cat and a couple of wallabies if I could persuade them to sit still.

Needless to say, all the slickness/cushion I want was there in abundance. I do a sort of 2½ pass shave with touch-ups just using the soap residue and a few drops of water on my fingertips. This is probably the only soap I would consider just towelling off, the post-shave is that good.

And, of course, the great news is that the tub is so generously filled, it makes the stuff really great value.


Sep 3, 2018
Bergamot Lavender is a stand out from my samples. And to be honest the Mrs picked it out. I'll be getting a tub when the sample disappears. Ozark the other.

I went in really wanting Haverford to be the best but was a little let down by the scent.
Jun 28, 2017
Bergamot & Lavander is one of the nice samples i got on monday. so far i have used Satsuma from stirling too, which, not meaning disapointing, It gave me some quite of,... (I cannot say in english, like efervescense on the scent). Nice, but unexpected....
Bergamot and lavender was more on the other side, a realy nice surpise. I love bergamot, but i am never sure when some scent includes lavender.....
Next step is try the splashes... :)