Time for a wee dram - World Whisky Day


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Feb 8, 2016
The very first bottle of scotch I got was the Glen Morangie 18 YO. It was nice, smooth...then it got boring....

I then was exposed to the Japanese Yamazaki 12 YO through a Japanese video game. Out of curiosity, I went to get a bottle in Dan Murphy's. Turned out a little harsh and I didn't quite liked it. I had a few of my close buds over and none of them liked it. THEN, over months I grew to like how harsh it is and it is very exciting.

Later on, one of my friend brought an Ardbeg 10 YO to my place. Initial whiff wasn't good. I didn't liked it at all. Days gone by, and one day I actually am curious about it and my olfactory preference have come to like it. Then there's no turning back from the peated monsters.

Back to the Yama -
One day while drinking with a mate in one of Melbourne's Izakayas, I noticed they stocked the Yamazaki 18YO. It wasn't cheap, about $30 dollars for a nip. Took the plunge and was rewarded with an excellent whiskey. It smells sweet, maple syrup like but not over powering. Upon sipping it, your mind expects it to be sweet but when you actually sip it, it isn't! I spent about 40 minutes sniffing the glass and slowly savouring it. I've decided on that night that I will get a bottle. Shame it was sold out every where that time. This was back in 2011. Finally in 2013, Chez Regine (Now Whiskey & Alement), stocks them for $270 I think. But searching online, I found out that Masters of Malt stocks them, for $220 shipped. I got a bottle for myself, and then a year later my friends got another bottle from Japan for my birthday. It's the one Non-Islay that I will always come back to.

However, today I went to see what is the current pricing. Nick's is selling it for $999 a bottle. Almost 5 fold now. I think I will quarantine my bottles.....
Jesus. I've missed the boat on that one then. I didn't realise the price had increased. I've had a bottle of the 12yo which i enjoyed but wouldn't buy another bottle.


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Jan 19, 2016
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Jan 25, 2012
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Get it shipped!
Oh, Dan's ship to the Territory now!
They never used to - I think because of the banned drinkers register, and what a nightmare that would have been for them to manage.
I've pestered them a dozen times or more over social media to re-allow shipping to the Territory, and now that they do they didn't bother to tell me!
Jun 21, 2016
Glenfarclas 21 years is a great drop but you pay for it. Though some cold nights in winter around a fire with some in a glass and some scotch rocks, thats heaven right there.

The Johnnie Walker XR 21 year is a great drop and thats hard for me to say as i dislike almost all the JWalker range.

@eggbert In the rums, 1912 or 1824 Angostura is a great drop. Make it old fashioned, a very easy to make straight alcohol based drink, you'll fall in love with a great smooth rum.

Happy drinking everyone its friday :)