Timeless vs NEW SC vs Fatip Picollo


The guy from over the ditch
Jun 23, 2017
Richmond, New Zealand.
Some weeks ago I bought a NEW SC, and then almost immediately I found a Timeless OC which I also 'had' to have.
At the time I told you folks that I would get around to reviewing and comparing both these razors.
After some weeks of playing with various blades I decided to do the test with Gillette Super Stainless (or in other words...Gillette Green made in Russia).
I chose these because they are readily available, not too dear, and a good mid-range blade (and I had 100 blades in my wee stash).
I used Fenchurch soap all the way through, and shaved each morning with just the one razor/blade combination until the blade packed up.
The Timeless OC .68 did as usual...nice smooth, close shave.
The blade lasted for 6 good shaves but was showing signs of getting tired. Didn't bother with trying for number 7 shave (this is not a blade test).
Not too bad a result. Nearly a week of shaves on the one blade.
The NEW SC (isn't it a beauty?) was next.
The blade felt very slightly coarse at the start, but had smoothed out by about 1/2 way through the first shave.
All other shaves felt smooth after that until day 5 and the blade was getting tired. Not interested in trying to flog a dead horse so stopped the NEW test then.
The shaves were not quite as close as the Timeless (just tested by rubbing finger tips across face after the shave...so not really scientific measuring going on here).
However the NEW is a joy to use. Very light, dainty wee thing that shaves well.
Then I thought "Why not bung in a test of the Fatip Picollo" (which has been grumbling lately about just sitting on the shelf)?
So the Picollo...very similar to the NEW SC. Has the same top cap in size, shape, contour as the NEW (yeah, I reckon Fatip just copied Gillette's razors).
I have used a Muhle R89 cap on mine so I can use other handles (and the Muhle cap is a clone of a Gillette cap too). As it is now there is a Muhle cap, and a Rockwell Halo handle on my Picollo, but it should shave just the same.
I prefer the Halo handle to the Fatip one.
This razor produced a mix of the results. Managed 5 good shaves, but blade was getting tired and not worth trying for number 6.
About the same shave as the NEW SC, but felt just a tad smoother. Very little to choose between the two.
With a Feather blade (not used in this test) I have found the NEW SC to be better than the Picollo...go figure!
Anyway, what to say.
If you want modern, great build quality, good looks, smooth and comfortable shaves the Timeless wins.
If you want vintage, good build quality, good looks, and comfortable shaves get the NEW (SC or LC).
If you want modern, not so flash build quality, good looks, and reasonably smooth shave get the Picollo (you may need to faff about at blade change time though).
Value wise the Picollo wins. Hard to beat...spend a wee bit more and you can get the Schone (upmarket Fatip).
Spend a wee bit more and get a nice NEW, you won't be sorry. Such a dainty wee razor to use. Love it...probably won't sell this one.
I would not bother to buy a NEW if it was just 'User Grade'. Not interested...there are still a lot of good ones out there in the wild.
Spend a LOT more and get a Timeless. Go on...you only live once (apparently).
I could happily use just one of these razors for the rest of my life and not be sorry.
My heart says the NEW SC wins.
My head says the Timeless.
For you? Maybe you will have to try them all for yourself.