Vintage razor restorer and seller for first time buyer in Sydney

Nov 8, 2018
Hello guys

I'm planning to get my first straight razor, and I've been advised many times that rather than spend too much money for the usual brand new Dovo or Boker I might be better off getting a vintage razor well-honed and start to learn with it.

There is any of you that could tell me someone in Sydney that restore and sell a good beginner vintage razor. I tried to have a look on this forum, but the persons that usually pop up in the posts, it looks like are no longer active anymore.

Thanks in advance

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Feb 23, 2018
Hi there @Santino. Google " d c blades" he is in Qld (I think). He makes his own razors, but also stocks vintage razors. You can pick up a vintage, honed razor for about 50 on his website. Great to start off.

I made the mistake of buying a high end Dovo to start off with, and in hindsight I would have rather gone down the vintage route.

Good luck with the search.

Dion (of DC blades), is also on this forum. "substance"


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Feb 2, 2011
I would recommend trying to get in contact with the filthy @Mark Gerges who has been know to have a few around. He also often takes the Gold Dollar razors from eBay and adjusts them to something shaveable. Quite often they are not usable at all from the factory, but he gets them there. Not expensive compared to a vintage, but enough to see if you want to go on with it. They are tool steel and keep the edges better than a stainless or carbon steel blade.

He has not been around much lately, but may be in attendance at The Stray Whisker on the 1st of December. His profile has some details