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Jun 11, 2016
As a companion post to the watch recommendations, the wife is looking fora nice present for my 35th bday. I am thinking of replacing my watch I worn for the last 5 years as it's looking a bit tired. However I haven't found anything that I fell in love with. So thinking I would just update the strap in the watch I currently have.

Last night I came across this dude, amazing stuff. So wondering if you dapper gentlemen have come across him before, know someone else, have suggestions regarding style, anything really, feel free to comment :)

Ps here is the watch in question.

I am thinking a super matte Croc strap.

Or teju lizard Lizard skins/Teju lizard Print straps

Or some stingray skins/Stingray straps?sort=3&page=0
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