Yintal DE with Omega boar brush set - $40 complete shave set!

Aug 6, 2019
Otford, NSW
Yintal DE from AliExpress - $16.95
Omega brush (10065), stand and soap set from eBay - $22.95
Polsilver SI blade - loose change

The Yintal DE as so favourably reviewed by Errol a while back finally arrived today after a 6 week wait. AliExpress by name, but... Well maybe that's a bit harsh considering the wide reaching effects of the pandemic.
The Omega boar brush arrived from a local vendor in about a week so I've had a few practices with it. The brush looks like a 10065 model but could be a cheaper one produced for the set; I have no idea. I've read the Omega soap is made by Proraso and it lists eucalyptus as an ingredient. Quite happy with both.
First shave with the Yintal went just fine; the broomstick like handle (see pics for comparison to GG .849 and Karve) was less of a hindrance than I expected but the manufacturer has conveniently placed rings near the end of the handle which will accommodate a hacksaw just nicely if my thoughts change. The razor provided a DFS with no gotchas; however the blade appears to have ever so slightly more exposure on one side than the other and so I was expecting to find perhaps a 'good' side and a 'bad side' but they were indistuingishable with my limited experience. I measured both the width of both ends of the cap and the plate and they measured the same so perhaps the posts are slightly off. Or perhaps it's my imagination; hard to capture in a photo. Hey, for $16.95 (with AliExpress new customer discount) it's a steal. I won't be selling my other razors but will keep it in rotation for a while and see if my views change with other blades. It came with a tuck of Dorco ST-300 but I will be leaving those alone for a while.

Whoops! That's the Karve in the first picture, not the Yintal.
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Aug 6, 2019
Otford, NSW
Had a good look at the fit of the blade on the cap; there is a little play on the posts so the blade can end up slight skewed with more exposure at one end than the other. If I keep it straight as I tighten it, both sides are parallel to the cap and plate. It's insignificant as it doesn't seem to affect the shave, but at least I know what the problem is now, and will take care fitting the blade. No big deal at that price point!


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Apr 29, 2017
Would I lie to you? I’m pleased that your results match mine even if you do have a bit of an alignment issue, just got to remember. I’m pleased to say though that there was no issue with mine. Enjoy.
May 1, 2020
First shave with the Yintal went just fine
Awesome review @bernie01 Thanks for taking the time to write it up. I've added both to my very long list!

AliExpress by name, but... Well maybe that's a bit harsh considering the wide reaching effects of the pandemic.
No idea where they got the "express" part from that is in their name. They have NEVER been anything remotely "express like" at any point in time that i have been buying stuff from there - which is many years.

In fact, in a twisted kind of perverse reverse psychology their traditional huge time lag between placing an order and the postie delivering it is kind of a good thing.

Usually by the time something that i have ordered on Aliexpress arrives it's been so long since i placed the order that i have completely forgotten about it. Then it's like a "mini xmas" surprise as this "random" parcel arrives and with a sense of puzzlement i unpack in a complete fog of bewilderment to finally get that awesome ... aaaahhhh, that's right. I ordered this x momths ago and here it is .....

Altho sometimes it's a "what on earth was i thinking/drinking" when i bought 12 of those! :)
Dec 11, 2019
Mine arrived last week took 10 weeks. I normally avoid Chinese razors like COVID19, but based on Errols review I took the $20 plunge.

I will confirm everything Errol has said in his review to be spot on.

My observations,

No alignment issues. The blade slides nicely over the two round posts on the top cap and secures well with the bottom plate when tightend.

There is blade overhang, but it's a no issue for me. I am sensitive to blade overhang on some razors as I have a fairly chiseled jaw and neck line where certain razors with overhang can scrape me if I am on auto piliot.

Good Razor for around $20 AU.