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On this day, back in 2011, my daily shaving routine changed for ever. For it was on this day that I ditched the tin can of Nivea shave gel and a Schick cartridge razor for a DE razor & blade, and some shave cream.

It was roughly 6 months before that day that I came across a thread on Whirlpool called Classic Shaving Instruments. @Mark1966 (aka BoringAccountant) and @Drubbing were (and still are) preaching the virtues of Wet Shaving. Initially I fobbed it off as a fad but desperation eventually got the better of me. Following a Recommended Kit from Mark I placed an order at Mensbiz. Here is that SOTD from 4 years ago that I performed today.


Razor: Merkur HD Razor
Blade: Astra (Mark's suggested a Sampler Pack, which included this blade)
Cream: Proraso Shaving Cream
Brush: Vulfix Pure Badger Brush
Aftershave: Proraso (no A/S in Mark's recommended kit but this seemed to be the natural choice)
Since that day in 2011 some things have changed and others have stayed the same. With today being exception I no longer use that Vulfix brush. Whilst I worshipped the ease that brush could churn out a lather I later discovered brushes with backbone and density. A great "training-wheels brush" never-the-less. Astra blades were the bees knees to me but then I came across others that did the job without tugging on my whiskers. The Merkur HD has been taken over by Peach Junior. Still a superb razor amongst the throngs in my bathroom. My lathers are so much better in every regard and a lot less blood spilt in the quest of getting a baby butt smooth shave. I have learnt so much, and continue to do so. I've made heaps of new friends and discovered many great lunchtime spots in the city.

My shaving cabinet has been upgraded, twice, to accomodate the spontaneous and reckless purchases in search of the Holy Grail. TOBS, MWF, Cella, and Tabac were all...