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Discussion started by Young Buck, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Young Buck

    Young Buck Member

    Hey Guys,

    Due to replace my dwindling supply of stray whisker balm and just wanted to see if anyone had a good recommendation.

    I enjoy ones that are not greasy.
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  2. Kaeckerut

    Kaeckerut Member Grand Society

    I find balms are a YMMV thing, just like everything else. I have found some balms that others recommend are greasy to me, even though they aren't to them.
    Ingredient wise, I find Stirling and WhollyKaw to be good balms. WK I find easily absorbs for me. Stirling doesn't absorb as easily and initially leaves some white streaks, almost like sunscreen.
    Wickhams absorbs easily, but I think it's a step down in formula.
    Chatillon Lux salve, Martin de Candre post shave oil and Declaration Grooming Liniment don't absorb for me.

    I can't remember how TSW Balm compares, I'll give it a go in a few days and let you know.
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  3. nsavage

    nsavage Member

    For a long time I only used Myrsol Emulsion as a post shave followed by a good moisturiser. I find it to be an excellent combination and works very well for me.
  4. UKSteve

    UKSteve doesn't like banners

    I prefer serums to balms these days. Lighter, more easily absorbed and non-greasy.
    I like Acqua Di Parma serum.
    More recently I have been developing my own.

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  5. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    Is it easy to make your own?
    Would you mind sharing ingredients and process with us all?
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  6. UKSteve

    UKSteve doesn't like banners

    It’s a bit early to be doing that but I will have no problem in the future. It’s not something I’m doing to ever produce as a commercial product. It’s not hard at all, so far.
  7. Korbz

    Korbz Member

    Myrsol Emulsion, Lea Balm and Eufros balms are the best generic scent ones I’ve used (probably in reverse order to want I wrote).
  8. Monsta_AU

    Monsta_AU ...can I interest you in some vintage blades? Forum Administrator Grand Society

    Admin Post
    TSW balm is one of the best out there, fully absorbs even on my greasy skin. Scent is very light and inoffensive, does what it says on the tube, and is pretty good value.

    You could do a hell of a lot worse than buy another tube.
  9. lerenau

    lerenau a cheeky monkey 2018 Charity Auction Winner

    I second this. Highly underrated.
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  10. Razor Burn

    Razor Burn Member Grand Society Da Menth Heads

    Totally agree - pound for pound great value and work's a treat! Have only tried the Proraso white but it's also kind on the skin and smells quite nice :)
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