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Discussion started by gthomas04, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    Started with Bluebeards Revenge (I am the third proud owner from Drubbing via Pjotr and finally put in a shny new Gillette 7 O'clock blue blade.

    Have to say the Bluebeard surprised me - wet my face, wet the brush, shook excess moisture out of the brush, just dipped the very tip into the cream, figured I could always go back for more (or even just wash off if no good) and wow a face full of nice foam and I couldn't have used any more than your half a walnut! Left it on for a couple of minutes as I do for all soaps and off it slid along with all my whiskers smooth and clean. Only got one tiny knick from the new blade (my fault for going across the chin).

    All in all I do like the combination. Even better as both the blades and cream were as the result of someones generosity!

    Glen (I will try anything that is feee) Thomas
  2. Pjotr

    Pjotr Cultured Philistine Moderator 2016 Sabbatical

    Bluebeards is good stuff. Thick creamy lather. Although I didn't know where to place it, the scent is quite nice too.
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  3. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    I had that problem too, then I decided my face was the best place. :)
  4. Mark1966

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    Sounds like you did well - congrats!

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