AP Reserve 'The Santal' - One Complete Set Available


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Jun 22, 2016

I have one set of 'The Santal' available, as a complete set only. This set was put together for another member who has gone off the radar so I thought I would offer it here.

The Santal is comprised of an indulgent quantity of the finest Indian Mysore Sandalwood and therefore attracts a premium price.

The set includes:
AP Reserve The Santal Soap
AP Reserve The Santal Aftershave Balm
AP Reserve The Santal Aftershave
AP Reserve The Santal EDP (30% Concentration)

$275.00 including express postage.
  • Paypal Family and Friends only

This is for immediate sale, I will not hold it for you and it must be posted to you - no pickup's whatsoever.

If this set does not sell I am happy to keep it to use myself and I will not break it up under any circumstances :)


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Apr 26, 2011
Thanks for offering here - a very special set folks!