August 2018 - various updates to hosting & forum software


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Feb 2, 2011
Just a quick note to you all on the current state of play with the site.

Hosting: I have today made a couple of hosting configuration changes in an attempt to tidy up. Improvements include some cPanel adjustments, updates to our webserver version & PHP version (from v5.4 to v7.1). I have also enabled HTTP/2 and a few other goodies which should help site responsiveness with a couple additional changes such as SPDY support to come soon.

Xenforo Updated: We have updated to the latest version of the Xenforo 1.5 branch (v1.5.21) which will now be the final version prior to migrating to the Version 2 branch (currently v2.0.9), barring any unforseen security issues or patching which is required. There were also some small updates applied to a couple of plugins, but no updates to theme. As a result, I am calling a change freeze until XF2 upgrade is applied to the main site because all available efforts need to go into that.

Xenforo 2: The existing site has been cloned onto our development site, and upgraded to XF2. The upgrade was not a completely smooth procedure, and as such we will be re-doing this a few times to ensure we get it right. I have updated to the latest version of our theme which causes a number of setbacks to the look and feel of the site. Also, a number of plugins are not yet converted to XF2 and we may need to find alternatives. I am not providing any ETA on cutover as yet, but this will be announced beforehand.