Away for a couple of days - moving

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Feb 2, 2011

I am in the throes of moving, the PC is being shut down and moved as soon as I post this.

Unfortunately while the Internet has been connected at the new place, I need to get it jumpered across to my apartment. I have a guy coming tomorrow but there may be issues once that task is done. Nothing ever runs smoothly in my experience (I project manage internet connections as part of my job) so I am expecting a couple days of downtime as a result.

I will be online via 4G and Tapatalk... and the occasional pairing to the main PC if required.

I am not declaring zero tolerance to silliness, but if you could straighten up for a few days that would be great and one lesser thing I have to be concerned about. I'd prefer to see some really good and useful content written and crawled by Google, so have a think about the things you could write up for the site.

@Drubbing has the bridge, although he knows he has to defend his actions upon my return I will most likely be backing him on anything non-Smiley related. I am in comms badge & communicator range.

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