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Discussion started by nsavage, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Rami

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    @Ferret619 not really. I am not the dexterous and I survived fine. All you need to know is to prepare the nappy before hand and don’t let go of the legs.

    And if a boy keep you know what away from you.
  2. nsavage

    nsavage Member

    1st day out with the new pack and very happy with it. Extremely comfortable to wear and the built in kickstand works extremely well. Still hoping that I wont miss the additional accessory pockets though.
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  3. glenos

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    Funny you say that my eldest daughter obviously didn't like the cold breeze but had impeccable aim, I still don't understand how.

    The disturbing thing about tactical nappy bags is the range available, I posted the first link but a search for them turned up far too many results.
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  4. Ferret619

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    I feel like a Molle chest rig/ baby holder is just the best product
  5. TomG

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    I bit the bullet and paid the big bucks for a Tumi ballistic nylon backpack in 2006. I have used it constantly since that time - it has had extensive field use and been to many countries, yet shows no sign of wear.
    It is both comfortable and functional, and I have no doubt it will outlast me and be passed down to one of my sons. Despite this, it is still kind of hard to justify the expense, but sometimes you need a product to be "bullet-proof" so to speak, and this fits the bill.
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  6. Rami

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    Any specific model. Might be intrested in something hardy
  7. TomG

    TomG Member

    G'day @Rami. It is an Alpha 2 T-Pass Business Class Brief Pack.
    I use it to store my laptop and other electronic/IT gear. Still plenty of room to stash some folded clothes, toiletries and other items.
    Heaps of compartments, including some specialised for applications e.g. electronics, wet items, etc.
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  8. Rami

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    Thanks mate. I will keep an eye out in case they ever go on sale
  9. TomG

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    Duty Free is another option.
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  10. eggbert

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    I've been looking at Greenroom136's bags for the last year or so.
    From Malaysia, and the bags are very customisable.
    Chase Reeves just reviewed a sling bag of theirs and seemed fairly impressed bar one issue with the strap which could be fixed by the above customisation.

    And they are not so expensive compared to most of the bags on the market these days.

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