Barber shop demise


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Feb 15, 2011
Western Australia
Unfortunately my local barber shop, Don's Barbershop on Scarborough Beach road in Doubleview will be permanently closed. On the positive side for us locals, it'll now be a butcher which saves us from having to use IGA. Given that there is also an excellent Fruit and Veg shop just next door, there's no need to visit any super market for food. I guess one independant makes way for another. On another positive note, Don gave me a block of alum for free. Oh well, I'll just have to do my cutomary No 4 myself now without the added bonus of girlie mags.


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Jan 25, 2012
But what about "and something for the weekend, sir?"
Jan 17, 2012
Hope you dont mind the late reply, but its sad that the barber shop can no longer survive in todays world.

Just curious, is there anywhere in perth that does a proper shave?


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Feb 2, 2011
It's hard to find anywhere that does a 'proper' straight shave. The issue of blood-borne diseases and hygiene concerns have really meant that health authorities prefer to see a shavette used instead. I mean I would not particularly like to be shaved straight after a HIV-positive person... would you?

Autoclaving isn't really an option for carbon-steel blades, and it wrecks the scales if they are celluloid, plastic, wood or basically anything else other than stainless. Barbersol does a good job but I am unsure if it kills absolutely everything. Bleaching would be the best option, followed by a run in an Autoclave or at least properly boiling water.

The best you will get is to maintain your own straight and provide it to your barber to shave you with it. Some barbers may refuse to use it. I would be particularly interested to know of any barber shop in Australia that still does a shave with a proper straight and not a shavette.