Best Wet Shaving Bargains In AU/NZ?


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Mar 2, 2014
Hello Gents--

Being across the pond it is sometimes difficult for me to judge relative pricing for wet shaving products "native" to other countries. I am working on an article for Sharpologist that I would like to make less US-centric. So my question is, what are the best wet shaving bargains available in AU/NZ (products that cost way less than they should for the performance they get)?



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Feb 27, 2017
That's a hard one to answer. As most products are imported and fairly little is wholly produced locally.
There are a few artisan soaps that are slightly cheaper here but bang for buck some of the traditional imported soaps beat them on this metric. The local guys have it on scent and performance only.
Due to import and shipping restrictions on ingredients & higher running overheads the local artisans have to recover their costs in the final product.
Though as I'm a non-producer, they could probably add their insights to this thread.

Couple of local brush makers but again all knots are imported and the Chinese brushes rate more so comparatively for the 'bang for buck' category.

No local DE makers and again a few straight razor makers. Not my area of interest so can't comment for straight users.

End of day, the traditional and readily available store purchased (mass produced) shaving equipment still wins out.

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Dec 4, 2017
Very hard to argue with what @RustyBlade wrote. For me its easily the local artisans with Squadron Soaps and APR the real standouts - excellent value and top notch performance on par with the big players, especially APR with the V2 formula and the perfumery. Face Fat also makes a quality vegan soap base with some creative scents such as Jaffa.