Blade PIF (to OZ with love!).

Aug 26, 2018
thanks @Blackie but i actually got a tuck of GSB (along with a few others) given to me to try by voshod on my last order. The only ones i havnt tried are the Tigers and the Thai Thins but i dont really have much of a desire to try those, or any other new blades to be honest. I have pretty much settled on my favorite blades being

1. Polsilvers
2. Wilkies (German)
3. Persona Platinums

but thanks again for the offer
Jan 24, 2020
Pakenham, Melbourne
Any news on the blades/shaves?
Hey @Blackie, @Davec36 split them up and sent some on to @RustyBlade and me. Mine arrived Monday but I'm yet to give any a spin yet as I'm trying to kill this Derby Usta blade, plus SWMBO told me to ease up on the shaving to weekly as she reckons it's like living with a toddler as it's that smooth :ROFLMAO:

Again, I really appreciate you sending these over. I'll make sure I put up a review post for the blades when I get my phone back from repairs and can take some photos and not get yelled at in the process :p