Blue on Blue Vs Old Mans Whiskers

Discussion started by gthomas04, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    Still using the Bluebeard & Gillette Blues but today I had allowed 3 days growth to occur. I don't know whether any of you bum fluffed babys realise it, but as you mature (allright get older) the beard tends to toughen up. So 3 dyas growth basically left little skin exposed and a nice wiry growth.

    As with my previous experience, no problems at all. If anything I find the Gillettes almost too sharp and have to be quite accurate in what I do. Not the sort of blade I would like to be using when I had other things on my mind. That said a perfect shave. Will keep going, I suspect by about shave 4 I will have broken the blade in.
  2. JugV2

    JugV2 Simply boring. Moderator

    Moses and his beard lol.

    Yeah I went three days without as well, then used a Gillette Green dialed to two.

    Lovely result, BBS and not a scratch on me.
  3. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    Thats the problem with you young whippersnappers - no respect :D
    I would expect that someone of your age could really handle a 3 day growth with a rough flannel and a bit of water. :)
  4. JugV2

    JugV2 Simply boring. Moderator

    That would save me a bucketload of cash if it were true.
  5. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    Gillette still going strong

    As my SE blade was dulling down, I returned to the gillette blue I had in the DE razor - 2 more shaves and it is going allright. Last shave I could be as rugged with it as I liked wihout any ill effects (ie didn't bleed all over the place) Probably a sign it needs replacing soon but I will try for 6 shaves on the blade and see how I go. (I know blades are cheap and I have been the beneficiary of many a packet from the kind members here, but I am also a tight fisted type and if I can get 6 shaves out of a blade I will certainly try).


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