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  1. mr626


    Gentlemen Blokes,

    I am considering purchasing a pair of leather boots. Would like something that can be worn with business-wear, but also fine with jeans etc.

    Something like the RM Williams dress boots are the sort of thing I had in mind, although I'd prefer to spend a bit less than the asking price of those, if possible.

    Are there any cheaper alternatives to the RMs that are still good quality? Blundstones maybe?

    Advise me, P&C bootlickers boot lovers!
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  2. Drubbing

    Drubbing 110% Smiley-Free

    I think RMs are probably the best; they're recognised as dress up/down boots. They're worth the money, they last a seriously long time. You do need to get on with leather soles though, they can be hard work.
  3. Monsta_AU

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    First of all, excellent use of the strikethrough!

    I would have a look at your local Rivers Clearance store, or even online:

    Generally the quality is pretty good, but they are more for actually doing stuff in rather than being a dress boot that the cockies of Gunnedah and Armidale like to wear.

    Blundstones are also more of a 'work' boot than a dress boot. RM's are the way to go for a 'dress up/down" style.
  4. Mark1966

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    Another vote for nothing but RM Williams as a dress boot.

    I have a pair of 'seconds' from the clearance store in CBR (nothing really wrong with them IMHO) and a made to order pair of Kangaroo Craftsman with the Comfort Sole that I got for my birthday a couple of years back from here - cheapest place to get them that I could find.

    Sensational boots, especially the Kangaroo ones ...
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  5. glenos

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    The last pair of boots I bought were Blundestones from their new casualrange and I went through three or four pairs in a fortnight because the studs kept falling off. Settled for a refund and whinge in the end. I sent them an email and never heard back.

    The genral run of the mill Blundestones are pretty work wear/tradie styled and not really suited for a dress-up boot.

    Do Rossi have anything suitable?

    My internet speed is shaped so I am struggling to bring much up, bloody kids watching youtube vids.
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  6. Ybbor

    Ybbor Member

    Another vote for RM. Got a couple and u can get them re soled when needed so they get cheaper over the years due to the amount of wear.

    Try the seconds store :)
  7. JugV2

    JugV2 Simply boring. Moderator

    just make sure they are made for walking.

    Because that's just what they'll do.
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  8. glenos

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    Before you criticise some one try walking a mile in his boots. Then you are a mile away and have his boots.
  9. Drubbing

    Drubbing 110% Smiley-Free

    How can they actually walk all over you, if you're wearing them.

    Maybe in a Salvador Dali painting?
  10. SmallYetDeadly

    SmallYetDeadly Brotherhood of Fanbois

    Haven't seen much in the way of Rossi dress boots but they make a great sett of steel toe elastic siders
  11. dewy

    dewy Member

    It's a late reply, but if you have not yet purchased a pair I really do recommend it. I've a pair of RM Williams 'Craftsman' boots, purchased them back in 2010 and wore them almost every waking day until earlier this year when I purchased some safety boots for work and I now wear the RM each evening and on weekends. I rid the motorcycle with them on (gear lever is doing a bit of damage sadly), have had them resoled once, now on a rubber sole replacing the original leather, a bit more comfortable, put on my a local boot repair/key cuter type person. Also I let mine get very ratty, didn't polish or maintain them for years, the repairer polished them when he had them and I felt like I received a brand new pair in return, now I keep up the polish and always look sharp.
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  12. JugV2

    JugV2 Simply boring. Moderator

    First off Dewy, I didn't realise you wore footwear.
    How pricey was the replacement sole by your local cobbler?
  13. dewy

    dewy Member

    It's funny, most people believe I wear footwear to bed!

    Resole, iirc was somewhere in the realm of $100, he also patched (very well) a small hole near my little toe in one of the shoes that has - a year on - not resurfaced.
  14. Question

    Question Member

    If you know your size and are willing to buy overseas, i would strongly recommend Herrings and Pediwear. They carry highly recommended European brands and have very competitive prices.
  15. Chris R

    Chris R Member

    Maybe a bit late but saw an article on the ABC news website re soldier's boots from WW1 to the present day.
  16. Chris R

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  17. Dale.Whiley

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    I wore RM's for years but due to my balance/hip issues from a vehicle accident, I found the leather soles too hard on my feet and caused a lot of pain in my hip. I purchased a pair of Ariat's with a rubber/shock absorbing sole and heel. My ego and pride didn't want them (real men have always had leather soles) but this was the best thing I ever did. Boots are a mid-knee length, ox-blood in colour and extremely comfortable. They polish-up extremely well and I wear them to church every week/weddings etc. I recommend them.

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  18. Arnold J Rimmer

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    My preference has always been for Doctor Martens boots.

    I don't wear them daily, but they are supremely comfortable. I'm talking about the lower-cut ones, not the knee-high romper stompers.

    I have a pair that is currently 19 years old, and the pair before it lasted 14 years.
  19. Mark1966

    Mark1966 Shavepocalypse 'Prepper' Staff Member Site Moderator Grand Society 2016 Sabbatical Fail 2018 Charity Auction Winner

    R M Williams for me - but the comfort craftsman style which is gentler on the feet and body.
  20. Mong.

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    Thinking about picking up a pair of Comfort Craftsmans myself now that the rain has started. Have you got a pair in kangaroo, Mark? Read a little bit about how it can crease quite a lot compared to the calf leather. I need a wet weather boot that's appropriate for CBD wear, so less creasing will look a bit neater and be quicker to polish.

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