Brad Sears (M&F) cease shipping internationally

Discussion started by nsavage, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. TomG

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    @Monsta_AU - I just signed up using your referral link.
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  2. Monsta_AU

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    You have to send a package for me to get the credit, but cheers!

    I have a box on the way, tracking is a bit slow but should see it arrive here early next week (I hope).
  3. todras

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    That reminds me, I might order a couple more brushes :)
  4. Rami

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    And I need to put one up for sale :)
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  5. Rabidnz

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    How does international shipping even effect the seller. The buyer pays! As long as it's packaged well enough and shipping insurance is paid, just seems like USA is forgetting there is a whole rest of the world out there. If yaqi can get me one from china in 7 days, surely a US Craftsman could do the same ?
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  6. Errol

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    When I first saw that international shipping was stopped I immediately thought it had something to do with the importation of animal based products into Australia. I hope it's not just that the US Craftsmen are only servicing their own area.
  7. LukehGee

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    Maybe they use a local courier that picks up from there door. International orders they would have to physically take it to a post office?

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