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Discussion started by eggbert, Apr 13, 2015.

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    I'm currently using a Fritzbox to access NBN, but unfortunately it can't be set up to direct all traffic through a VPN so I'm on the lookout for a replacement or addition to my current setup.

    I have a house made of concrete so the wifi signal isn't that great upstairs, and was thinking of using he Fritz as a repeater if possible.
    The Fritzbox has voip support which I would still like - I'm not sure if that's possible as a repeater though or would I have to purchase a new VOIP capable router (thus increasing the cost a lot)?
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    I would suggest not using a router with VoIP access. We have tried and tried them and most times it ends up causing all sorts of issues.

    Just get the best router you can, then add a proper VoIP phone. We prefer the Cisco/Linksys devices (I run an SPA942 at work) but there are other similar devices like Snom or Yealink make products in the $90-$140 range. Plug it into your network, make sure you set DHCP reservation for it, then port-forward the required TCP port (usually 5060, 5061 for line 2 etc) to that IP address. Add the SIP server details to the phone and off you go.

    I am currently rolling out Draytek 2860N routers (I use a 2850N at home, older model). Quality equipment - they do almost every VPN I can think of (PPTP, Site-to-site over IPSEC, L2TP, SSTP, SSL) including selective routing of VPN (ie per machine/device/IP). You can also set up inbound 'dial in' PPTP VPNs for yourself to use with your phone or laptop if you are concerned about WiFi Security. The other nice touch is that they now have a centralised Multi-AP management system where you can plug in a few of their AP900 access points and the router will manage them.

    2860N goes for about $400, each AP900 (dual simultaneous 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz) goes for $200. I have converted a few businesspeople's home setups with this. Mostly replacing D-Link and Netgear stuff in repeater mode and they absolutely love it. The difference is the wired connection from the router to the AP - this will mostly make things better anyway, but the centralised management and 'semi-controller based' WiFi is generally miles better.

    Finally, I will just mention that there is no point in VPN'ing your VoIP traffic, any government department with a warrant will eavesdrop at your VoIP provider anyway because the providers have to grant access to them there under all the interception laws. Better off not routing the data through VPN and adding latency. If you have a particular reason to VPN traffic, run all that from one IP/machine on the network and set the gateway to route that internal IP to the VPN interface rather than the WAN interface.
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    Looks like maybe I didn't explain myself (nor understand the setup) very well.

    I'm on the neosaver plan with mynetfone - and that currently works perfectly for our needs paired with the fritzbox as we probably only use it a few times per week. I was just wondering if I paired the fritz with a (for example) dd-wrt capable router which didn't have voip capability.

    I think after having a read, I might just purchase a fairly cheap vpn router to run upstairs as a vpn / repeater box for wifi, and just run the computers that I want to use vpn through that. And leave the Fritzbox / voip setup as is.

    Hopefully will mean better wifi signal upstairs and vpn available as I need to use it.

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