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Jul 17, 2011
Near Pommieland
Wahl all the way. I had a set of Remington bought in an emergency situation (forgot to take my Wahls and hair was unruly long, nearly 3mm)

The Remington clippers were like a butter knife slicing leather in comparison. Lesson learned.


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Jan 25, 2012
In which case you most definitely should not try the Vidal Sassoon battery clippers. They are like butter trying to slice through the while cow.

Note that is not a typo, I did not mean a butter knife!
Oct 5, 2016
Another thread revival but one of the few where I might be able to add some value.

I too have had a Wahl professional for 25 years bought through a barber friend, which I have always cut my hair with since. Prevents helmet hair on the motorbike and saves a fair amount of money in the process.

Last year it got a bit noisy and wasn't cutting so well so I took it to a barber supply place in Perth and asked about options. They said it needed sharpening, which wasn't that much cheaper than a new set of blades so I was skeptical of the value. But they also said that new blades aren't that sharp and I will be blown away once they are actually sharpened properly.

So I gave them a go at sharpening and I was blown away by the result. Now the thing is almost silent, so smooooth and mows down hair like it's not there at all. I was very impressed - it's now much better than it was when it was new!

BTW I also got read the riot act for not using enough oil on it - I just used four or five drops after each cut but apparently that is nowhere near enough. It really needs a good soak of oil in every orifice until it is operating almost silent again. Start and stop to re-oil a couple of times as well. So don't skimp on the oil!

Anyway, I learnt a few things out of that process and thought I should share them.

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Nov 12, 2016
Another vote for the Wahl Pro's, I have been using them on my head with no comb attached for probably around 6 -7 years now and they have never missed a beat. A few weeks ago I removed the blades and gave them a sharpen on one of my oil stones and then a little hone on the old leather strap and they are just buzzing away like they were on the very first day I bought them. As @RazorPlay said always keep the oil up to the blades and they will last a very very long time.