DC Blades 8/8” P&C TKM 2020 straight razor and matching brush

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Nov 14, 2014
We are very proud to present this auction lot generously donated by Dion Curnow Blades

Please read the auction guidelines here before bidding.

International bidders: although basic international airmail shipping with basic tracking is included for this lot - due to the current COVID-19 situation affecting worldwide shipping please contact @alfredus before bidding to discuss other (recommended) options.

Australian bidders: this lot will be shipped free of charge within Australia


This auction is for a DC Blades 8/8” P&C TKM 2020 straight razor and matching brush. The razor is made out of Bolher O1 tool steel & ground to full double hollow with special etching on spine. It included DCBlades made custom resin wedgeless scales, brass bullseye washers & pins. The matching hand turned resin brush handle comes with a choice of 24mm Silver Tip Badger bulb knot (as shown in some pictures) or a Synthetic Tuxedo bulb knot. All items were hand made by DCBlades in Australia except the bullseye washers and knots.

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