DIY-Homemade Soap(non-shaving)

Discussion started by Nick the Knife, Jan 13, 2015.

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    You better get the APR soaps back in production, pronto. They are going to be sold out very soon.
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    I'm not a huge fan myself but The Good Lady goes Gaga over it. I took a thin slice off the end of the loaf for her to try because she was not impressed about having to wait 6+ weeks. She used it yesterday and it's left in the shower. It will be interesting to see how it lasts.
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    It's a bit like that. I made up some lip balm yesterday with my two daughters (7 & 9yrs). Using unprocessed bees wax (just melted and poured into bars) direct from a local farmer it has this subtle honey smell. We decided it was perfect like that so left the scent/flavour out. Again, only a few organic, natural ingredients with no chemicals and bingo. It is lovely and half the cost of commercial rubbish. Mum and my sister have issues with dry lips so I'll be shipping a few tubs off to them.

    I just can't believe I have been paying massive corporations to sell me chemical laden rubbish. Last few years I have been more discerning buying only Australian made with good clean ingredients but still not as clean as this!

    We've started looking at other products in the house too. The Good Lady has set her sights on sauce.

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