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Do you wear em?

Discussion started by Drubbing, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Pjotr

    Pjotr Cultured Philistine Moderator 2016 Sabbatical

    There are some serious issues to be dealt with here so stop trying to divert attention through bringing this thread back on track.

    For instance:

    How is your intended going to deal with having a cat wrapped around her intended?
    Have you got a catty litter tray next to the bedpan under your bed?
    When you have a shave in morning are the stray cat hairs giving you the impression that your brush is losing hair?
    What does a cat's arse smell like?
  2. JugV2

    JugV2 Simply boring. Moderator

    Points addressed.
  3. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    This whole subject is sending my imagination into overdrive - Some people indulge in a menage a trois what do you call this a menage a fur? I do hope the cat has its own scratching post and doesn't use the nearest convenient object! and of course far to many pussy jokes to even begin. As for myself never worn a hat or even a cat.

    Glen (I will stop now)
  4. ~Spyne~

    ~Spyne~ Member

    In reference to hats - I can't. I haven't found a single style or situation where wearing a hat looks 'right' on me. Some hats I really like, my fiancé really likes, but as soon as I try it on, everyone around us just stops what they're doing and stares in my direction until I take it off, put it back and shamefully apologise.

    In reference to cats - This is something I have not tried, but may have to if the style suits me. I can finally look good with head-wear and possibly even start a new trend.
  5. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    This isnt your intended is it?

    How odd that 2 such peices of weidness could occur in such a short timeframe.

    No One Believed Her | Strange Beaver
  6. Pjotr

    Pjotr Cultured Philistine Moderator 2016 Sabbatical

    There you go Jug. Nice looking girl too. Excellent oral hygiene.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2011

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