Equivalent to Nivea balm?

Discussion started by Director, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Director

    Director Member

    HI Guys,

    I've found that Nivia sensitive after shave is about the right 'style' for my skin type. In contrast I found the Stray Whisker balm to be too oily (yell out if anyone want's a PIF :) ). So what other balms are out there that have the same type of light consistency as Nivia (i.e. non-oily) but with different scents?

  2. Ferret619

    Ferret619 Foolish Possums are not Grand Poobahs 2018 Sabbatical

    I'd love to try the stray whisker stuff if the offers still good, I personally really love the natio men's facial moisturiser as a post shave. Really nice IMHO dispite it not being its intended use
  3. Director

    Director Member

    No worries, PM me your details. :)
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  4. Korbz

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    Expensive but lasts ages and good with my oily skin = Jabonman Eufros balms
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  5. Anakist

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  6. Ferret619

    Ferret619 Foolish Possums are not Grand Poobahs 2018 Sabbatical

    I've sent you some PMs bud
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  7. nsavage

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    Natio balm is really good if you want something locally.

    Myrsol emulsion is my go to after shave balm and I highly recommend it.
  8. Director

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    Yep got 'em. :)
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  9. sealer

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    BTW I also sent you a small sample of TSW after balm. I filled the small container used by TSW to send samples with some of my tube :D
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  10. Ferret619

    Ferret619 Foolish Possums are not Grand Poobahs 2018 Sabbatical

    Can't wait to try it, it's been on my list for ages but havnt pulled the trigger
  11. Volare

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    Nivea - easily sourced, is thin, non-oily, but leaves your skin supple enough and just gets the job done - I hear you.

    I agree with the above posts recommending Natio. Two options:

    - Natio Calming ASB - comes in a larger bottle (has parabens if this bothers you, but doesn't concern me). It has a thinner consistency & spreads easily. Subtle citrus/lemon scent - a nice Spring/Summer ASB.
    - Natio Maximum ASB - a slightly thicker consistency than the above, but absorbs very quickly and leaves no oily residue (this one is Paraben Free). You'd think because it was thicker, it would probably leave a more oily residue - but that's not the case. IMO, it has a dryer touch than the Calming ASB. Subtle woody scent - personally prefer it during Autumn/Winter.
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