Finally bought some Irish Whiskey.


The guy from over the ditch
Jun 23, 2017
Richmond, New Zealand.
For years I have made my own single malt Whiskey (and to be fair...I made a damn fine drop).
Now the still has been sold so what's a man to do?
Thought I should try an Irish Whiskey (GGrand-Dad was from County Antrim).
Bought these just to 'test the waters' sort of thing.
I will get on to some more Jamesons and Bushmills once I have knocked these two back a bit. But there is such a great choice now.
We are truly blessed now we can order online and get our hands on such delicacies from around the world.!
Next time I think a Redbreast will be in the order too.
You are most welcome to suggest your favourite tipple too...just to help educate me.
I shopped in NZ, but thought links to Dan's made more sense for you.


Rockwell T Survivor
Jan 18, 2020

Jameson or Bushmills?
Depends on your religion...

In your case @Blackie, with Co. Antrim ancestry, you will have to try Bushmills first. They also have the claim on the oldest licenced distillery in the world, since 1608. So they know a thing or two about it by now.

I "should" prefer Jameson but I like Bushmills more. Black Bush is my entry level buy in, Bushmills 10 is great stuff and not too expensive.
However, if you've got enough of the folding stuff, Redbreast 12 pot still is one of the best. And the Lustau edition is a cracking twist to and already top drop in my opinion.