First time with a Sputnik


The guy from over the ditch
Jun 23, 2017
Richmond, New Zealand.
I've been playing with the new Picollo razor, and 'testing' what blade it likes.
I recently bought some samples of blades I haven't tried, and some Sputniks were lurking in there.
Well, so far I'm impressed. Been going for a week now and just starting to loose the edge.
The first shave was average really. Not up to GSB, Rubie, or Nacet in smoothness.
But next day the shave was great. The blade had smoothed out (lost the initial slight roughness) and shaves like a champion.
After 7 days I feel that the blade is just going back to the original rough feeling.
Will try another shave tomorrow anyway.
Haven't tried the Sputnik in the Mamba or the GC yet, but will do soon.
The Sputnik retains it's edge well, and although not up to Feather quality, it certainly does last longer.
Might have to buy 100 just to round out the stash (down to about 800 blades now so a top-up is needed).
Anyone else have any love for the Sputnik?


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Nov 14, 2014
They come out of the same factory as Voskhod and Ladas so they most certainyl must be top performers (y)