Frabjous Joy and Extibubbles!!

Discussion started by gthomas04, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    This morning I was running a little late so jumped in the shower - jumped out again and after passing my hand across my chin noticed shredded fingertips and blood - oops there were those pesky titanium whiskers again! Grabbed the little travel badger brush - watched it expand to about 3 times it size after getting some water on it. Grabbed the Cella sampler (thanks mark) - tried to work out how to put a now very wide brush in a very small sampler pot - eventually just poked and prodded the centre of the brush into the soap and lathered up (and I must admit I see why you guys like Cella) - reached out and took the first razor off the window sill and started to scrape away. After a few strokes realised that either my Slim was no longer slim or I had grabbed the dreaded fatboy. A quick looked confirmed my suspicions but the shave felt really good - clean smooth and just about perfect. So the fatboy returns to the rotation (hope it was my skill and not the Cella as I only have that in a limited Quantity - might have to drop a hint for Xmas).
    The upshot is the Fatboy can now join the Slim and my SE razor as regulars and I still have 4 or 5 others to try.

    This is such fun.

  2. Pjotr

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    Haven't ever tried either but for the money you've laid out for razors you've really done bloody well. And by the sound of your title, rather than putting it on your face you drank the aftershave.

    Oh and with regards to your Cella brush loading technique you really should speak with Antipodes Marko. It's a disgrace.

    By the way if you need some more SE blades let me know and I'll flick a few more across. As I'm shaving only once every two days and also using DEs a bit more, with my current stash of blades I've got enough for at least three years. Ditto with soaps/creams. I'm running out of stuff to spend money on.
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  3. MoabBoy

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    Aren't you suppossed to take a soaking wet brush and go berserk in the Cella pot so you have lather over every wall of your bathroom as well as the ceiling?
  4. Pjotr

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    That and a bit more mystique and deference to ancient Italian barbershops and some more show of emotion rather than just plonking a brush in to an inappropriate container. Whenever I read stuff over at you know where regarding Cella, I pink away a tear or two and have to listen to some Mozart or a bit of Opera to sooth my yearning soul. His description is akin to shearing sheep. He's a worry is Glen.
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  5. Drubbing

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    That's funny, but true. But I just want to shoot the bastard and put him out of my misery.
  6. Mark1966

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    Now that is more like it!
  7. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    Thanks very much, I will do a count up tonight and see where I am with the SE blades. Will let you know.

  8. Monsta_AU

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    Cella is cheap as chips mate. Once of the cheapest things around, and I am sure that I could spare a bit of P.160 (this is a similar yet discontinued product) for you if it really became an issue.

    EDIT: Should put your Christmas Pressie in the post also.
  9. gthomas04

    gthomas04 ...was Drubbing's first.

    Thanks - Mark has offered to split the cost of a brick with me if the jolly fat man doesn't get the hint. Still have a variety of samplers I am trying - like my el cheapo razors everything is experimental still - I am going to have to get a little notebook and keep track of what works well and not so well - mind you I have found very little not so well stuff yet - as I have discovered it all seems to be down to technique and perseverance - still to be brave enough to put a Feather in a razor though.

    Glen (I'll try anything twice).
  10. Pjotr

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    There's a lot of Christmas love going around.
  11. JugV2

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