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Discussion started by Craigyfeef, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Craigyfeef

    Craigyfeef Member

    Well after 3 months of trying, I finally managed to grt the blade around my chin. Although probably not a great feat nornally, but with a chin like Desperte Dan, this is a major achievement on my part...........only spolit by a nick to my lower lip.

    That'll teach me for being cocky
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  2. Dale.Whiley

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  3. Ferret619

    Ferret619 Foolish Possums are not Grand Poobahs 2018 Sabbatical

  4. Bucephalus

    Bucephalus Member

    Desperate Dan? Now you're giving away your age! Do his pies still have cow horns sticking out of the pastry?
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  5. Scotty

    Scotty Member 2018 Sabbatical

    Desperate Dan is still going strong, still eating cow pies and still using a blow torch to shave his whiskers :)
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  6. Bucephalus

    Bucephalus Member

    Now, there's a REAL man! :LOL:
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  7. Arnold J Rimmer

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  8. bald as

    bald as Member

    Great to hear Craig. Chins just seem to want to get cut in the early stages of straight razor shaving. No turning back now :)
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  9. Arnold J Rimmer

    Arnold J Rimmer Member 2017 Sabbatical Fail Artisan Producer

    Yeah, just go light across the chin area. Barely let the blade touch your skin there. As you get used to it, you can push it a little more.

    Funny enough, I cut myself there less than anywhere else. Probably because of the chin dimple, I am aware of what could happen if I hit it too hard. No more dimple (or one dirty big one).

    And cuts around the lip hurt like a mother! Especially from pouring aftershave on them! :rage:
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